The following regulations are for your safety and enjoyment, and are similar to the Bull Gator and Presidents Council parking lot regulations. We are licensed by the City of Gainesville to sell parking for Gator Football games and must strictly enforce all rules to preserve our licensing status. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Passes cannot be sold.
  • Please do not park earlier than 9am (or the night before) or your car may be towed at your expense. In lot 5, please do not park earlier than 2 hours before kickoff.
  • All parking lots revert back to roam towing lots 2 hours following the end of the game or by sundown, whichever is later. Please do not leave your car past this point or it may be towed at your expense.
  • Your parking pass cannot be legally reproduced. Violators will be prosecuted.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen passes.
  • Pass must be displayed at all times to avoid ticketing or towing. Keep your vehicle locked when displaying your pass.
  • Please observe and obey the parking attendants when parking your vehicle.
  • The vehicle using the pass must fit in the parking space for which the pass is designated. No oversized vehicles (e.g. limos, rvs, busses, etc.) are permitted unless otherwise identified on the front of the pass and only in designated areas.
  • Tents, chairs, grills, and any other items placed in shared drive areas must be moved by you when other vehicles need to get in and out of parking spaces. All items must be stored in your own space when left unattended.
  • Open containers of alcohol on public streets, sidewalks and thoroughfares is a violation of City of Gainesville ordinance 4-4B and can result in arrest and/or referral to Student Judicial Affairs
  • Your parking pass is only valid on Home Football Games for the year it is issued. It is not valid for any other date or use.
  • Failure to follow these regulations will result in removal from the lot. We will not be held liable for loss or damage to the vehicle, its contents, or your personal items.

Company Events

If you are an advertiser looking to promote a brand/product to 100,000 football fans, or you are a company looking to reward customers or employees by throwing fantastic tailgates, contact Gator Parking. Top brands and private organizations have used my tailgating spaces for all kinds of events, and I work with event organizers closely to ensure success.


  • Assigned, reserved parking for the entire season
  • Onsite bathrooms
  • Onsite attendant handles check-in
  • Lots are monitored during the game
  • Complimentary clean-up
  •  And more! check out the full list of amenities


Email: Phone: (352) 275-9555 Fax: (352) 376-1184 Mailing Address: Gator Parking, 2811 NW 58th Blvd, Gainesville, Florida 32606