Now Offering Tailgating Spaces with Electrical Service!

Far and away the biggest hassle with tailgating seems to be figuring out how to power your setup. Many people bring noisy generators that have to be gassed up, or hook up inverters to their car battery and then spend all day nervously making sure the car will have enough juice to start after the game. There must be a better way! Well, there is.

Starting this fall, I will start offering dedicated electrical power to some of my tailgating spaces in lot 4. A dedicated, exterior GFI protected, 20amp circuit runs underground to a double outlet, which is then split between your the spot next to you and you (you use one outlet, they use the other). That gives you 10amps of power for your tailgate — plenty enough to power lighting, television, fans, even a blender if you’re mixing up cocktails for your guests. You just bring the extension cord and power strip, and use your imagination!

For those interested in getting one of these spots, please select a spot on the lot 4 page or give me a call for more information.