Now Taking Reservations at Our Newest Lot

I’ve just opened up Lot 5, which will be reserveable for the season this fall. In the past I sold it on a game-by-game basis and noticed that many of the same people parked there every game. Unfortunately, what often happened is that many people would find the lot the first game, come back the second game and think “this is great!” and then the third game the lot would be full by the time they got there and they’d have to go elsewhere. By reserving a space for the whole season, you can forget about hunting for parking.

This lot is perfect for people who tend to come close to kick-off and get frustrated when there is no parking near the stadium. It’s also ideal for groups who tend to want to park near their buddies and go to the game and/or leave the game together.

Since Lot 5 is a few blocks further away than the other lots and does not have the same tailgating amenities as the other lots (no bathrooms, the lot won’t be open until a few hours before kickoff, etc) I’m setting the price to be the lowest of any of the lots.

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Enjoy and Go Gators!